My name is Vijay Haldiya and I am an Indian housewife who is extremely passionate about cooking Indian Vegetarian food since last 30 years. I believe cooking Indian food is simple and the best way  to win the hearts of our children and family.

Why one should follow this blog:

1) This blog will contain recipe, homemade kitchen and household tips which have been passed along by our elders and tested/learnt by me over a span of last 30 years.

2) Most of my recipes are born out of necessity. Lot of food in our households normally is leftover for the next day and we are left confused as to what to do. So rather than just eating them, I try to make delicious breakfast or snacks options for kids and family so that they feel excited about eating and also wastage is avoided.

3) All the recipes are homemade and made with the belief that when cooked with love and  affection, makes it the best food in the world.


If you like to cook, feel free to follow this blog and leave your suggestions and comments.


 Zayka ka Tadka by Vijay Haldiya




2 thoughts on “About

    • Thanks for showing interest in cooking. you may prepare any dish recipe which i post on this page by following recipe method step by step. My majority of recipe are healthy. I post only vegetarian recipe.


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