At age 56, defying norms, What’s Stopping YOU? A must read!

mom“No challenge is daunting enough to stop you from following your passion.”

This line seems so cliché…but yet this is the real truth of life?

Situation: Addressing 200 people for the FIRST time on a raised platform needs guts and courage and especially if its your first attempt ever speaking in public!! From personal experience, it is nerve wrecking! Won’t you agree?

We all know that who have done this and who haven’t done this, even they know..

But to do that at the age of 56, speaking in front of 200 people about your journey, healthy kitchen tips and recipes, is something I can hardly fathom..and that too when all her life, the person  had been a  house wife and mom!!

This is what my MOM Vijay Haldiya ( Founder of Zayka ka Tadka in 2015) did in a recent event organized by the local newspaper on the theme New Learnings, New Confidence….

I can’t even imagine how much bold one needs to be to even accept this challenge and then to pursue it whole heartedly at an age when people say that risk taking abilities are the lowest in people…

I am sharing this story because personally I feel what she did is so inspiring and worth sharing with everyone including myself who are afraid to take on new territories and challenges….

Read this and share this with your friends and family to let them know that

“No challenge is daunting enough to stop you from following your dreams”

If she can overcome her doubts and worries and embrace such a big challenge at age 56, can’t we all do the same in our lives?

What’s stopping YOU?