Betel (Paan) Ice Cream

Thandi Thandi Paan (Betel) wali Ice Cream!!!

My daughter wanted a new variant of ice cream ( not the usual one last
Like vanilla , butter scotch or kulfi).,

So I decided to surprise her with this new variant as she likes paan a lot!!!

Kaisi Lagi?

Betel (Pan) Ice Cream


Milk: 3 cup

Milk Powder: 1 cup

Cream or Malai: 1 cup

1/2 cup: Crushed Sugar or as per taste

Corn Flour: 3 tsp

Chopped Betel leaves (Pan): 2

Gulkand: 2tbsp


1) Take the milk powder and corn flour and mix or beat it with a little water so that it becomes smooth in texture.

2) Pour milk in a deep pan and put it on stove or gas. Now add the milk powder & corn flour mixture.

3) Keep stirring the milk till it starts boiling.

4) Take the pan off from the gas and let it cool down for 10-15 minutes.

5) Now in a mixer, add the milk, sugar, malai or cream, betel leaves and gulkand. Now start the mixer and   let it mix. Switch off the mixer. Do this for 4-5 times so that it properly gets mixed. (In case you don’t have mixer, then add all this in a bowl and mix it with hand for 3~5 minutes. The ice cream will still come out to be soft)

7) Now pour in ice cream mould or box and freeze it in the freezer. In 8-10 hours, soft and delicious Betel ice cream is ready to eat.

8) Take it out from freezer and `cut in pieces or scoop it out and serve it.



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