Yummy and Delicious Homemade Vegetable Pizza!!

Pizza time…..

Home made pizza….yummy!!!
Try this pizza recipe and I am sure you will love this…..

So no to traditional dinner and yes to pizza in this summer holidays….

IMG_20160510_213700 (1)


Pizza Base : 2

Tomato : 4 piece

Chopped Onion: 4 piece

Chopped Capsicum : 1 bowl

Chopped Cabbage: 1 bowl

Tomato Sauce , Pizza Sauce ( to be spread on base as per taste)

Grated Cheeses : 4 cubes

Spices: Salt, Black Pepper, Red Chilli Flakes, Oregano.



1) Spread tomato sauce on pizza base.

2) Now spread pizza sauce on it.

3) Spread grated cheese on the base.

4) Spread chopped cabbage, capsicum and onion on the cheese. Now put slices on tomato on it.

5) Add salt, black pepper, red chilli flakes and oregano.

6) Now sprinkle grated cheese over it.

7) Preheat the oven at 180 degree C for 10 minutes. Now bake the pizza for 20 minutes.


8) If you want the pizza to be more spicy, then you can also add red chilli sauce over it.

Serve the pizza hot to your children and family. Enjoy!!!!