Delicious and Mouthwatering Indian Sabzi: Kadhai Chole

Kadhai chole without onion garlic is something lot of people are interested in making especially if it looks as tasty as below:). It is very easy and quick to make. Here is the recipe:

Kadai Chole Ingredients:

Soaked Kabuli Channa (Chick pea)-1 bowl.

Sliced Tomato- 1/2 bowl

Ginger julienne- one small piece

Green Chilli- two small pieces

Coriander leaves- 15-20

Vegetable oil- 4tbsp or as per choice

Roasted jeera powder-1tbsp

Jeera (Cummin seeds)- 1tbsp

Coriander Powder- 2tbsp

Hingh (Asafoetida)- one pinch

Imli Pulp- 4tbsp

Tea beg: 1

Sugar- 1/2 -1 tsp

Red chilli powder, Salt, Black salt, Coriander powder, Chole masala and Garam Massala as per your taste


1. Boil Kabuli channa with 5 bowl of water, salt and one tea beg in pressure cooker upto 5-7 whistles. Then take out chole from it.

2. Put vegetable oil in pan, heat it. Add jeera and hing and put off gas.

3. Put kadai on gas and add boiled kabuli chana , sliced tomato, green chilli, ginger and all the spices mentioned above. Now add imli pulp. Add hing jeera tadaka and properly mix it

4. Garnish with sliced tomato and  coriander leaves.

Now Kadhai chole is ready to eat.


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